Money Ahoy!

Chamberlain Global LLC is proud to announce that its first website is now up and running (in beta of course).

The site can be accessed by going to

This new site is where I (Derek Chamberlain) will be discussing all things money.  MoneyAhoy will discuss how you can improve at saving money, how to make more money (increase your income), and how to take the extra money you have and grow it by making wise investment decisions.

That’s great Derek, there are millions of money/financial websites out there.  How will this be any different?  Well, there are a number of things I plan to do that will be different than many other financial blogs.  These include:

  • Making YouTube videos on actual ways to save money.  This will give the user a step-by-step way how they can actually implement the saving ideas for themselves.
  • Calculating the savings-per-year and savings-per-hour of each money saving idea.  This will enable folks to implement the quick-saving ideas if they are not ready to implement the “hardcore” saving steps that may have a lower bang-for-your-buck.
  • Include a monthly Income, Expenses, and Investment report where I detail exactly how much our household made for the month, how much we spent (where the money went), and how we invested the remainder.
  • Give a break down of exactly how much and what I have my money invested in to help me and others on the website learn the best methods and areas to invest in.
  • Give saving and retirement calculators that link to articles based on where each individual is on their financial journey.

So, what are you waiting for?  Sail on over to now and check it out!

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