MoneyAhoy Post on How to Negotiate and save on cable, phone, and internet service rates

I put a new post up on on how you can negotiate for the cheapest cable, phone, and internet service rates.  It is a three-part series documented with Youtube videos and several helpful tips!

I was paying $65 a month and was eventually able to get Comcast to lower the price all the way down to $35 a month.  This gave me a savings of $360 per year for about 30 minutes of phone time.  This equates to $675 saved per hour of my time!!!

Part-1 of the post goes over talking with 2 reps.  The first one I got was pretty good and gave me $15 off almost immediately for being a valued customer (more than 1-year as a customer).  I was working with him to get $20 off to hit my goal when I accidentally hung up on him while checking the call length 🙁  I then called back and got Paco.  He was really tough and basically stonewalled me.  I couldn’t really get anywhere when negotiating with him.  I should have started out by asking about the new customer promotions, but I didn’t.  This carried over into Part-2.

Part-2 of the post has more of me negotiating with Paco.  I also tried to get him to go back and contact the first rep.  He says he did and I couldn’t get any more discount, but I kinda doubt he actually did anything.  After watching the video, I got a couple of ideas on how I could go in for the attack on the next call.

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.  This is the morale of the story for post #3.  In this final video, I was able to negotiate cheapest internet service rates.  The final retention specialist gave me $20 off right up front.  I elected to downgrade service and get a total of $30 off.  This gave me great saving and service that will be just fine for my family.  I saved a ton of money, and it was well worth my time.

Hopefully, you can use some of the tips and tricks for yourself to save a bundle!!  Let me know if you have any questions!I phoned back a couple of days later and went over things with the third “retention specialist”.  I told him that my wife was trying to go part-time and I really wanted to get the price down to $40.  I also mentioned that I could get internet service through Dish and it would be ~$40.  I currently receive the 20Mbps service.  After a bit of research, it seems that streaming Netflix to one device at a time at 1080p really only needs 6Mbps, so I should be fine.  When talking with the third rep, I was able to get him all the way down to $35/month with a downgrade in service from 20Mbps to 6Mbps and the $15 off as a valued customer credit.  This brought my savings to $360/year for about 30 minutes of work, or about $675 saved per hour!  This is all ready for you to watch in the third and final episode.

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